Starlings and Sparrows

Aug 10 2014

Announcing my latest project, Starlings and Sparrows: indie folk from Newport Pagnell near Milton Keynes,UK

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If you’re interested in getting involved I have put a post up on join my band

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A Sunday Poem

Aug 23 2014


scribbled this quickly in the garden last Sunday, thought I’d share it. Trying to warm up my creativity and imagination again….

Wrapped in swirls
the wind hugs my soul
as I idly give in
to peace on earth

a setting sun falls away
behind trees and sheds
and another day

clouds draw in
as shadows change
a mind slumber
yet still awake

I choose this bliss
I choose to be free
and allow myself
to be really me

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lyrics – Battles

Aug 16 2014


exciting week, doing some writing, getting a band member and starting recording.

First Starlings and Sparrows session with Rich from Rise Bailey Rise involved ukes, harmonies, hand claps, finger clicks, djembes, tambourines and some recording!

Few bits of tidying to do on the track, plus Rich is going to add some melodica, bass and other vocals. after that we will set to mixing it. Really looking forward to sharing it with you all.

In the mean time I thought id share the lyrics with you.

Battles by Starlings and Sparrows
(words by Dan Patmore)

I’m sorry to say
But I won’t fight you.
As it turns out,
There’s not much that I’d die for.

I wanna live my life and carry on

I fought battles
When I was young.
I fought kings,
And everyone.
Thought I knew,
Who I should be.
I made myself,
So unhappy.

I wanna live my life and carry on.

Since then,
You’ve changed me.
We’ve built our lives, happily.
And I’ve become,
who I wanted to be.
Where you are,
Is where I’ll be.

We wanna live our lives and carry on.

I’m sorry to say
But I won’t fight you.
As it turns out,
There’s not much that I’d die for.

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Starlings and Sparrows

Aug 10 2014

In lieu of any music to share for the new project I have started on some artwork

Follow Dan Patmore’s board starlings and sparrows on Pinterest.

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collaborative songwriting

Aug 10 2014

I’ve put together a spotify play list of the songs that I have contributed some lyrics too for rise bailey rise:

enjoy and make sure you check out his EPs

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Active horizon

Aug 10 2014

Hey world wide web

things other than work and parenting are happening. I’m drawing and im writing music again!  I’m even going so far as to set up a new music project, which I’m calling Starlings and Sparrows.

It’s going to be an indie folk thing, working on new material and hoping to hit some open mics soon. going to use those to drum up a band to play with. I’ve set up a facebook page to track what’s going on, please head over there to like it.

In the meantime im going to start updating the site a bit.



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Hello, not dead. Hi….

Feb 21 2014

Hi world

Been a very long time. A very long time.

Here’s a cover of Weak As I Am by Skunk Anansie from a couple of years ago

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Original song – Battles

Jul 28 2012


Hope you’re all well. This morning I have changed a bit of the navigation and removed the SEM section having decided it’s not all that relevant to what I’m doing here. Plus while my posting is so haphazard I’m not sure there’s much point.

Yesterday I wrote my first song in years  (aside from my lyrical work with RiseBaileyRise), plus it’s the first song written on my ukulele. it’s very chilled out and the vocal is deeper than I’d usually go for but I think it works. This was a one take recording made as soon as I finished the 1st draft of lyrics. I expect there will be some arrangement and lyrical changes, but here it is – Battles

Would love to hear from you with your thoughts on this, get in touch –


peace x

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Rise Bailey Rise – One of Four

Jun 30 2012

The first Rise Bailey Rise EP -One of Four- has just been released. Set to be the first of four EP’s over the next 18 months, it contains the songs – Brother needs a Brother; Gideon (which I co-wrote); I Know You Well and Racing Trains.

One of Four is streaming on Soundcloud and is available for download from bandcamp now.

Find out more about Rise Bailey Rise

Search for Rise Bailey Rise on

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Until you have it all you won’t be free

Jun 21 2012

Lyrics to Society by Eddie Vedder

Lyrics to Society by Eddie Vedder

“Until you have it all you won’t be free” Eddie Vedder – Society.

Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild soundtrack is fantastic and for me, the song Society is a real standout. This line in particular resonates with me strongly. That’s why when I stumbled upon this promo shot from the movie, I thought the two were perfect together.

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