Starlings and Sparrows live recordings

Mar 05 2016

Hey everyone,

Hope that you are well? I’ve been busy creating over the last few months, my instagram is full of blackout poetry, doodles and drawings

and Starlings and Sparrows have been out and about.

In January I played MK11′s Sunday sessions with Rich joining me for a few songs, we have also played A session with Chris at the coachmakers arms, Feast of Folk and I played The Sunset Lounge on my own. Been great to get out and play, meeting some fab people along the way.

A few songs from the two shows at MK11 have been recorded and I’ve added them to a playlist which you can check out:

Make sure you keep an eye on the starlings and sparrows facebook page for gigs

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Arty Things by Dan now on Redbubble

Nov 22 2015

Really excited to say that the Redbubble store is now live, check out the range of gifts and decorations for your home now :-)

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Arty things by Dan

Nov 06 2015


Illness and surgery meant I had to cancel a Starlings and Sparrows gig before I’d even announced it. Which is a shame. I’ve used the recovery time to continue exploring Blackout Poetry (you can see everything on my instagram

I’ve enjoyed this so much, that I am working on to launching so you can get some original blackout poetry for your home.

Keep an eye out for more announcements on the Arty Things by Dan Facebook page (

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Blackout Poetry on instagram

Oct 13 2015


So things have been a little quiet on the Starlings and Sparrows front and sadly illness forced me to pass on what would have been a fun show later in the month.

In between playing (and occasionally writing) I’ve spent the last two months playing with Blackout poetry, which I have been sharing on instagram

I’d love for you to take a look and follow me over there

Peace and Love


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Starlings and Sparrows on Soundcloud

Aug 30 2015

Hey gang

Some really rough (like super rough) recordings of some SaS songs are available on Soundcloud

Tracks up there are Whole Life Thru (Read lyrics here), Patchwork of Billions and Outside.

They are meant as sketches for building on, just recorded through the built in mic of my tablet

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Starlings and Sparrows update

Dec 31 2014

Hey Sparrows

Hope that you have all had a great Christmas and are gearing up for a fun New Year. Thought I owed a quick update from the SaS camp.

After a few open mic shows in Oct/Nov, I’ve been in hiding. In between a manic work and personal schedule I’ve been working on a fistful of songs that I’m looking forward to sharing with you over 2015.

Titles include; Our moon, Possum, I wanted, Lullaby, Today, Angel. There are also heap load more works in progresses, ideas and shells for songs building up, so hoping for Starlings and Sparrows to have a fantastic 2015.

I’ve not pushed on ensemble front in this time, but have experimented with adding to the sound and I’m busy practicing with my ‘kick snare’ (not sure that’s a thing) and foot tambourine. It’ll be a while before those take to the stage!

Wishing you all a peaceful and fulfilling 2015

Starling Dan x

The Starlings and Sparrows Kick Snare

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Lyrics – Whole life Through

Nov 16 2014

Hey gang

The next song that we will be recording – after releasing battles this week- is a song called Whole Life Through. First draft of this was written two years ago. Its a love song, hope you like it.

WHOLE LIFE THROUGH – words by Dan Patmore

Worlds collide in our eyes
We’ll be fine, if we stick together.
You and me, lets raise a family,
And we will growth forever

We’ll learn grace
And we’ll hold hope
We’ll stay strong
This whole life through

Hand in hand, we’ll dream our plan
And Walk the leaves in love.
In our peace, we’ll find belief
That we can do anything.

We’ll learn grace
And we’ll hold hope
We’ll stay strong
This whole life through

If we stick together
We will be fine.
If we keep it simple
You know we’ll be alright.

We’ll learn grace
And we’ll hold hope
We’ll stay strong
This whole life through

And I’ll love you,
This whole life through.


Dan x

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Starlings and Sparrows update

Nov 16 2014

Hey gang

Firstly, while the site has been pretty quiet, there are a few more updates being made through the Starlings and Sparrows Facebook page.

Been working through lots of songs, and now have a hatful of unfinished songs to still work through and a fistful of finished songs, the first of which has now been shared – listen to battles now

Starlings and Sparrows open Rehearsal

I’ve spent some time blooding new material live at The Sunset Lounge (both on guitar and uke – the guitar was ill advised) as well as doing some open rehearsals with Rich and our good friend The Plucky Haggis

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Battles now Available

Nov 16 2014

Hey gang

Starlings and Sparrows debut song, Battles, is now available to steam on soundcloud and Bandcamp (where you can download it for free).

We really hope you like it.

Follow Starlings and Sparrows on Facebook

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A Sunday Poem

Aug 23 2014


scribbled this quickly in the garden last Sunday, thought I’d share it. Trying to warm up my creativity and imagination again….

Wrapped in swirls
the wind hugs my soul
as I idly give in
to peace on earth

a setting sun falls away
behind trees and sheds
and another day

clouds draw in
as shadows change
a mind slumber
yet still awake

I choose this bliss
I choose to be free
and allow myself
to be really me

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